Sourcesand Resources

The American Azawakh Association, Inc. (AAA) is the parent club for the Azawakh in the US. The AAA was founded on February 7, 1988 with the goals of promoting the pure Azawakh and to guarantee the breed a permanent future in the US.

Further information may be obtained by writing to the American Azawakh Association

The club publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Azawakh Aegis, which is available by subscription to interested persons.

There are also several books which have small sections about Azawakhs or contain information about the nomads who breed them in the countries of origin.

Dogs Of Africa. Sian Hall
Dog’s Best Friend: Journey to the Roots of an Ancient Partnership. Ursula Birr, Gerald Krakauer, Daniela Osterlander
The Pastoral Tuareg: Ecology, Culture and Society. Johannes & Ida Nicoloaisen
Der Azawakh: Windhund der Nomades in Mali (in German) H.J. Strassner, E. Eiles
Wind, Sand and Silence: Travels with Africa’s Last Nomads. Victor Englebert

Soon to be published by Kennel Club Books – Azawakh, A Comprehensive Owner’s Guide by Deb Kidwell

The Canine Lexicon and several other all breed/rare breed books have blurbs and pictures of the breed